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M7 series


This series feature intelligent and subtle design elements that result in a natural feel and a truly memorable experience each time you test your strength on these equipment. Each unit combines endurance and outstanding performance with striking design aesthetics. The series has a clean, inviting look and is designed to offer effective strength training solutions to fit your space. It is a perfect combination of performance, biomechanics, and eye-catching style that is thoughtfully designed. M7 series supports you through a robust training.

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M2 Series


The ultimate option for a fitness devotee who wants higher standards with top notch quality at a reasonable cost. It combines quality and value in a simple easy-to-use strength line. Designed and constructed utilizing a concealed double pulley mechanism and robust frame structure this series offers comprehensive body movement for different muscle groups to help the user reach their optimum goals. The result is a thoughtfully designed durable and value engineered line that delivers maximum results in a compact design.

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PF Series


PF line is our Double function series of equipment which are developed over 3 years by Fitness professionals based in USA. After one year of rigorous testing by the world famous bodybuilders, these machines are built with the best quality and utility. With the simple weight tower, these equipments avoid visual confusion and save space. With its user friendly design, which is in accordance with the principles of human engineering this series provides you with great end results.

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NHS Series


Elegant design and robust frame structure combined together to give you the best fitness workout experience. Build for the toughest of workout with wide range of weight selection to meet the needs of users of any size within the most demanding environment. The rigid and robust heavy weight lifting is supported with reliability of skilful mechanics and hard-bitten composition. Our NHS series help you reach your goals step by step with our sturdy giants that has a level for every builder

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360 Line Series


Introducing to you a series which offers group training station consisting of multiple training options that stimulate members to participate and have a remarkable experience. This series have been designed to be intuitive and easy to use by beginners while offering them advanced characteristics that attract experienced users. Add a work out station in your fitness area that comprises the agile training of multiple muscles with a significant raise in your stamina and over-all skillful movement.

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Multistation Machines (FM)


Compact but effective it's an ideal fitness training option when space is at a premium. Multistation series offers an endless variety of strength training options which not only builds balance and stability but also powers with technology to perform exercises with speed. These innovative Multistation designs produce an ergonomically correct movement trajectory to provide an unrivaled purity of movement. Our equipment are designed to give your facility a balance between function and style.

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HS Series


An independent natural path of motion offers freedom of free weights within a safe environment. With high standards in biomechanics, ergonomics, and robust frame structure, the series has stylish and provocative looks without compromising on the performance. It provides the ultimate freeway for the toughest of workouts and a wide range of weight selection for Bodybuilders and Fitness professionals. Our dependable quality manufacturing ensures each equipment is built to last in the most demanding environments and reach the optimum goal.

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