Strength training has long been essential part of workout routines for those looking to build a body that’s lean, strong and well-toned.

Consisting of targeted exercise against resistance, strength training helps burn fat and builds muscle more effectively. The health benefits are also many- a stronger heart, improved posture, better energy levels, easier cholesterol management, among several others.

If you are just starting out, you may be intimidated by the humongous variety of machines available in a gym. Consider the following machines which are thought as essential for a robust strength training workout:

  • Chest press (Image- M2-1001)
  • The chest press (Image- M2-1001) is touted as THE machine for building a bigger and prominent chest. Rest assured, it’s not just for body builders as it is a simple way for everyone to build upper body strength leading to stronger arms and shoulders.
  • Seated leg extension (M2- 1005)
  • The seated leg extension (M2- 1005) provides intense workout for the lower body including hamstrings, calves, quads as well as glutes. All key leg muscles get worked upon in isolation which helps build muscular endurance and toning.Building enviable biceps requires workouts that include Lat pull down (M2-1013). The machine targets upper arms and related shoulder muscles making it essential for developing overall
    upper body strength.
  • Seated shoulder press (M2-1007)
  • With seated shoulder press (M2-1007) exercisers can focus on building upper back muscles such as the deltoids, triceps and upper trapezius. Regular use of the machine can result in strong, wide and well-defined shoulders.
  • Prone leg curl (M2-1006)
  • Strong and shapely hamstrings can be achieved with the M2-1006 which gives benefits in form of stronger knees and legs. Resistance via appropriate weights works on all the three tough-to-reach hamstrings muscles effectively.
  • Chin/dip assist (M2-1020)
  • The chin/dip assist (M2-1020) is a highly versatile machine that can be used by gym-goers of all expertise levels to practice exercises that involve the bar or the dips. By providing resistance to the whole body weight it ensures a full workout.
  • Seated row/rear delt (M2-1015)
  • The seated row/rear delt (M2-1015) mimics the rowing motion which means a whole range of muscles across the chest, the arms, the abdomen and the legs get worked upon. Recommended typically for those experienced, this machine can be challenging but promises all-round benefits
  • Lateral raise (M2-1002)
  • Bring more power to the lateral raise exercise with Into Wellness lateral raise (M2-1002). This machine is an alternative to lateral dumbbell raises which is targeted at making the shoulder muscles bigger while enhancing the chest and arms strength.
  • Standing calf raise (M2-1019)
  • Work on the all-important calves with the standing calf raise (M2-1019). A popular addition to workout routines, the machine is the easiest way to build strength and endurance where it matters
  • Standing calf raise (M2-1019)
  • Eliminate upper arm flab with the seated bicep curl (M2- 1010) which concentrates on the biceps. It is an essential part of workouts for people looking to build bigger and stronger arms as well as enhanced shoulder width.
  • Pec fly/rear delt (M2- 1017)
  • The pec fly/rear delt (M2- 1017) focuses on the pectoralis major muscle which is the large muscle spanning the chest. Using it improves activation of not only the upper chest but also the shoulders.
  • Abdominal crunch (M2-1008)
  • With abdominal crunch (M2-1008), the tough abdominal muscles can be targeted in order to achieve the much-desired flat abs. With appropriate weights, the machine helps exercise the entire long vertical muscle in a focused manner.
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