When it comes to gym installations, Into Wellness, being the leading gym equipment manufacturer and supplier in India, has seen it all. From state-of-the-art gyms to the ones that are very inefficient. The reason for a gym facility to not be upto the mark is mainly due to the mistakes made by the project managers while installing the fitness center. Installing a gym facility is no easy task. It isn’t just about equipping a room with best commercial gym equipment but in fact requires several factors to be taken into consideration.

Following are a few commonly made mistakes by project managers while installing a gym. Avoid these to land up with a modern, well-equipped fitness club.

  1. Wrong LocationLocation is of prime importance. People will be running on treadmills, lifting weights, putting them down with force, and creating enough commotion. Find a place for your gym where people don’t live on the floor that is just below your fitness facility or are staying very close. Also, take extra efforts by using the right sound absorption material so that no noise disturbance is created.
  2. Poor LightingBright lighting makes you feel energized and pumped up . While lifting heavy weights and using cardio equipment, poor lighting tends to make you feel fatigued and stressed out. Select a place that will allow a lot of natural light to enter into the space. As for night time, lighting should be such that it illuminates the entire area.
  3. No Consideration of DemographicsDemographics play an important role in selection of equipment. For example, if you are installing a gym in an educational institute then you would have a crowd of young people attending your facility. In that case, it is prudent to install technologically advanced commercial gym equipment. In a residential gym facility, you would have a mixed crowd. Then, you should equip your gym with machines that can be easily used by every member of the gym.
  4. Low Electric PowerYou are going to run some heavy machines simultaneously in your gym that require special power. Without that your equipment won’t run smoothly. Consult an electrician to ensure that the right power is being supplied for the smooth functioning of all your machines at a time.
  5. Bad LayoutLayout of equipment is the most crucial part about gym installation. Equipment should be well-arranged throughout the area leaving enough space for gym members to move around. The layout should be such that it is easy for gym members to locate various equipment that they want to workout upon. Also, the arrangement should not give a cluttered look to the whole gym facility. Safety, functionality and comfort should be of prime importance while designing the layout of the gym.Along with the above mentioned points, remember to provide the right flooring. Your flooring should have high resilience and better shock absorption qualities owing to which your gym members do not get injured.Keep this checklist handy while installing a gym facility and you will find yourself standing amidst a fully equipped fitness health center.
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