Doing the same old exercise routines or gym workouts can get boring. 

Thankfully, a well-equipped Commercial Gym Setup offers different varieties of equipment that can bring back the zing to your exercise regime.

One such is the tyre – yes indeed, the same tyre that we see in vehicles, or perhaps a variation of it.

Why Tyres though?

Though unconventional, the cross tyre is a functional training device that can enhance strength and body conditioning in a holistic manner.  It works differently than traditional machines and helps build explosive power in the lower body which makes it popular with athletes like football players and wrestlers.

Often seen in a Cross fit Gym Setup, tyres are a surefire way to get a challenging yet effective and fun workout.

Understanding the benefits of Cross Tyre/Tire

Gaining muscle strength and conditioning is of course why we do strength training.  But we know there are other benefits too.

recent Australian study has shown just how important Strength-building exercises are – researchers found that individuals who do strength training exercise have a

There you have it, scientific evidence that strength building not just gives you a toned, fit body but can actually save your life!

Top 5 Cross Tyre exercises

The rugged tyre workout can be an exciting addition to your fitness routine in  a Gym setup  and here are five moves that will get you the best of it:

  1. Tyre flipsThis is the most well-known exercise using tyres which is great to build upper body strength
    • Squat down and grab the base of the tyre as far under as possible
    • Pull the tyre up as you straighten and change your hands to a pushing position
    • Once there push it over the other side and then start over
  2. Tyre JumpsSimilar to Box jumps, Tyre Jumps are useful to build the strength of your core and lower body while increasing the stability of your hips and ankles.
    • Stand next to the tyre and squat slightly
    • Jump up onto the tyre surface
    • Step down or jump down and repeat
  3. Tyre Step-upsSteps are a milder version of Tyre jumps. You can start with step-up and then progress to tyre jumps.
    • Stand with legs apart similar to when you do tyre jumps.
    • Step up on the tyre and step down
    • Do as many reps as possible
  4. Tyre Push ups A tyre can be used as the platform to perform push ups
    • Drop down and place both your hands on the tyre
    • Press up using the tyre to push up
    • Do as many reps as possible
  5. Rope exercisesA battle rope from Commercial Gym Equipment Manufacturer attached to tyres offers opportunities for a variety of exercise such as
    • The Wave where you pump your arms up and down
    • The Slam where you bring down the rope from a height in a forceful manner
    • The Circles where you move your arms in a circle

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