Bench press is a go-to exercise when your aim is to build your upper body strength. It activates your muscles which helps you in building muscle mass and strengthens the muscles. But have you ever thought of upgrading to incline bench press to boost your muscle strength? Incline bench press will activate your muscles even further while increasing the strength of your complimentary/supporting muscles.

How to Perform Inclined Bench Press Exercise?

  • Most gyms do have an inclined bench station. If not, raise an adjustable bench between 30°- 45°.
  • Lie on the bench such that your back is pressed against the inclined part, your rear-end is on the seat and your feet lay flat on the floor. One way to know whether you are in the right position or not is by seeing whether your feet get lifted up while performing the exercise. If they do, then you have to adjust your position.
  • Grab the barbell a little apart than the shoulder-width and get a firm grip. Lift the weight bar from the rack and directly bring it above your shoulder with your arms fully stretched.
  • Hold the position and then slowly lower the bar to your upper chest. Your shoulders should approximately make an angle of 45° with your torso.
  • Pressing your feet firmly on the floor, bring the weight bar back to its original position.

Muscles Targeted by Inclined Bench Press.

  • Upper chest (Pectoralis major)
  • Shoulders (deltoids)
  • Triceps

Health Warning:

To avoid injuries, keep your wrists and elbows straight to form a line, with your arms tucked at a 45o angle. Do not keep your elbows back this puts maximum stretch on the pecs and serious stress on the shoulder joint.

Benefits of Incline Bench Press

  • The chest has a single muscle called Pectoralis major which has a fan like shape. This muscle originates from two bones namely the collar bone and the sternum. It comprises of two muscles called as sternal head and clavicular head. Incline bench press targets the clavicular head which usually gets ignored in flat and decline bench press.
  • Since the clavicular head gets targeted, doing incline bench press gives a more fuller and thicker appearance around the chest helping you achieve your exact aim of building a stronger upper body.
  • Incline bench press is a compound upper body exercise. It targets multiple muscles and joints. As a result, it manages a balanced development of chest muscles. Since all the muscles are developed equally from all angles, it helps you get a symmetrical look of your built body.

Mistakes to be Avoided While Performing Incline Bench Press

  • Do not lower the weight bar towards your stomach
  • Avoid flaring your arm out while lifting the bar above your shoulders
  • You should not bounce the bar off your chest while lifting it back up

Incline bench press while developing your overall upper chest will also bring a variety to your everyday workout routine. Include it in your regimen and get the expected results faster

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