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Wanting to make the best of long rigorous hours spent exercising is but natural. Exercisers look to craft the most effective routine that can achieve their fitness and health goals. One of the commonly-asked questions is with respect to structuring routines. In particular, should the focus be on cardio alone or on strength training? What …

Are these cardio myths keeping you from achieving your goals?

Cardio exercises get your heart pumping and improves your blood circulation. They not only help burn calories and lose fat effectively, but also improves metabolism and increases immunity level. Despite these highlighted benefits, many people find cardio to be ineffective while shedding those pesky extra pounds. This is due to all the falsehoods surrounding cardio …


We, living in this modernized world are highly competitive-running a never ending rate race. Most of us are heating up chairs all day just to cover the career goals where people hardly pay any attention on the importance of exercises for health. In a society like that, sparing some extra time on working-out is encouraged …

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