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Doing the same old exercise routines or gym workouts can get boring.  Thankfully, a well-equipped Commercial Gym Setup offers different varieties of equipment that can bring back the zing to your exercise regime. One such is the tyre – yes indeed, the same tyre that we see in vehicles, or perhaps a variation of it. …

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The benefits of strength training at gyms are well established– better health, weight loss and social interaction opportunities. But in many cases, life comes in way of good intentions and people don’t make full use of their gym memberships. Not surprisingly busy fitness enthusiasts keen to meet their workout commitments run into this quandary sooner …


Long hours at work can take a toll on the wellbeing of the employees. Fact of life? Unfortunately yes. But this doesn’t mean that companies turn a blind eye to the issue. For sure employees have the primary responsibility to look after their wellbeing but corporates showing that they care can bring multifold benefits. According …

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