Fitness benefits | Into Wellness - Part 2


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If you are nodding your head negative then you may want to re-evaluate your understanding. All we mean to say is there have been a hundreds of studies that have proven that physical exercise helps you enhance your intellect. If you just google “physical activity affect students in their academics” you will find them facts …


Set an alarm, wake up early, read motivational stuff, watch motivational videos, all check, but motivation for getting up and training just doesn’t seem to come my way! Why!? We’ll tell you why, the first thing you need to learn is to promise yourself to honour your own word. It’s much harder to keep a …


We hit the gym, run on the treadmill and pump some iron – all to improve our health and achieve that perfectly ripped body . But have you noticed yourself being more confident while giving a presentation in office or that you are less anxious while driving in traffic? We are sure you are nodding …

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