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Functional training equipment

Functional training has become a buzzword among fitness enthusiasts all across the world, fuelled in part by the rising popularity CrossFit training.
Its exceptional ability to offer workouts that deliver real-world benefits like flexibility, strength and agilityhas encouraged more and moregyms to add in Functional training equipment.
At Into Wellness you can find an in-depth range of carefully-designed functional training equipment that can help add versatility, fun and explosive power to workouts.

Holistic Workouts WithFunctional Training Equipment

Under Functional training,whole body physical conditioning is put on priority instead of building isolated muscles. It seeks to mimic everyday movements like squatting, jumping or liftingtargeting whole muscle groups, and helping us becoming fitter and stronger in our daily lives.
For effective functional training, specific gear, in addition to traditional gym equipment, is used to build up stability, endurance and muscular range of motion.
Into Wellness’ top-of-the line functional training equipmentare built to international standards of quality and bio-mechanics design. Users of every level are able to enjoy the benefits of functional training without fear of injury.
Sturdily built with superior raw materials and incorporating features unique for the Indian market, our products are a valuable addition to fitness clubs and commercial/home gyms.

Choose From Our Extensive Range Of Products

Our Expertise Makes Us A Natural Choice

  • Robust Track Record

    Into Wellness gains from being a subsidiary of international fitness brand Realleader USA which has established itself as one of the top companies worldwide.The global company has built up a wealth of experience – it exports to over 60 countries and has handled over 7,500 installations.

  • Customized Solutions

    We work together with our clients to develop customized solutions that fit their needs. Into Wellness experts help clients to assess their requirements and advise them on picking the right gym machines.

  • Servicing Support from Trained Professionals

    Into Wellness provides installation support and after-sales servicing to clients across 12 areas in India. Our teams are committed to providing outstanding service at every instance.

  • Our functional training equipment are suitable for both regular gyms and CrossFit boxes. We offer several options across varying resistance levels and weight stacksunder each of these categories:
  • Seater rower machines
  • Bench racks/press
  • Dumbbells
  • IW Cross Tyre
  • Multifunction machines featuring

    – TRX Suspension & Battle ropes

    – Kettlebells

    – Medicine balls

    – Sandbags

Our cardio equipment includes treadmills, Exercise bikes, and steppers suited for fitness enthusiasts
who want only the best

We offer 7 distinct series of resistance exercise equipment featuring latest bio-mechanics design and safety features
so you can find the best suited for your needs.

Our collection of benches& weight racks are developed for highest stands of performance
and stability for exercisers.

Keeping with our aim to be a one-stop-shop for gym equipment, we offer several accessory categories
such as dumbbells , steps , and bars.

Into Wellness offers essential CrossFit trainingproducts including tyre flips, rigs, power racks,
attachments like revolver, landmine, battlerope.

An Established Leader In Fitness Equipment Manufacturer

Gym equipment are an expensive investment and it is important to choose from a fitness brand that guarantees durability, safety and efficacy. Trust Into Wellness and enjoy the peace of mind that comes owning dependable, low maintenance equipment that lasts for years.

Local and International Expertise

Our products are developed with both local and international inputs bringing our customers best of both worlds.

Assured Quality

Quality is at the heart of our manufacturing process. We have implemented quality standards like TQM at our factory in Pune to deliver consistent product quality.

Latest design & technology

As a result of incorporating latest technologies during design and manufacturing, our products score high on ease-of-use, durability and looks.

More From Our Product Line

M2 series


The ultimate option for a fitness devotee who wants higher standards with top notch quality at a reasonable cost. It combines quality and value in a simple easy-to-use strength line. Designed and constructed utilizing a concealed double pulley mechanism and robust frame structure this series offers comprehensive body movement for different muscle groups to help the user reach their optimum goals. The result is a thoughtfully designed durable and value engineered line that delivers maximum results in a compact design.

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M7 series


This series feature intelligent and subtle design elements that result in a natural feel and a truly memorable experience each time you test your strength on these equipment. Each unit combines endurance and outstanding performance with striking design aesthetics. The series has a clean, inviting look and is designed to offer effective strength training solutions to fit your space. It is a perfect combination of performance, biomechanics, and eye-catching style that is thoughtfully designed. M7 series supports you through a robust training.

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PF Series

pf series

PF line is our Double function series of equipment which are developed over 3 years by Fitness professionals based in USA. After one year of rigorous testing by the world famous bodybuilders, these machines are built with the best quality and utility. With the simple weight tower, these equipments avoid visual confusion and save space. With its user friendly design, which is in accordance with the principles of human engineering this series provides you with great end results.

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