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Gym Equipment Manufacturer

Experience in producing quality equipment

With the fitness market flourishing at a fast pace, various gym equipment are being introduced. Our machines are crafted to adapt with the changing trends and are highly smooth functioning. Into Wellness works with global partners having their R&D labs based in USA . Thanks to their substantial experience of over 20 years in the field of manufacturing and sales of fitness equipment, we can boast about producing robust and top quality gym instruments. We design these machines with the only aim of gaining trust and becoming the most sought after brand in the fitness market.

Make in India initiative

Our ingenious designs make our products the most suitable for Indian market and usage pattern. We are committed to providing fitness equipment to suit our customers’ needs. Depending upon your body type and the lifestyle that you lead, we provide machines that are in-line with your requirements.


Large range of products

Our wide range of fitness equipment manufactured leave you with a variety of options. These comprehensive machines include cardio equipment, strength equipment, benches and racks and other accessories. A well equipped gym should necessarily have all these machines and what better place to collectively find them than at ‘Into Wellness’.


Why opt for our brand products?

  • Known for durability and compliance
  • Understanding of Indian ground condition
  • Upbeat Performance with endurance
  • Indian manufacturing plants allow customization and affordability
  • Strong support to the Make In India initiative
  • Indian brand for Indian people with world-class R&D facilities

Why you choose us ?

Indian products for Indian users


Modern machines

Customized Solutions