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Gym equipment servicing

Trained Professionals You Can Rely On

Gym equipment typically have several moving parts which can at times make it difficult to fix.


Into Wellness experts are trained to service and repair all types of fitness equipment whether it be exercise bikes, steppers, treadmills or strength equipment. We know the importance of equipment needing to be bio mechanically sound for not only safe and effective workouts but also proper long term performance of machines.

Regular Maintenance

Preventive servicing helps in maintaining good working condition of gym machines. Well-maintained machines help gym operators remain confident of the safety and efficacy of the equipment. Our servicing teams are equipped to check and fix any issues before they become a problem.

Clients can opt for annual maintenance contracts for periodical Gym Equipment Servicing and repair assuring peace of mind.


Despite best efforts, Gym machines sometimes stop working. They may become damaged or fail to work as expected. In these conditions, experienced technicians from Into Wellness can help. We handle all sorts of repairs including

  • replacing gym/bike/treadmill belts of any size
  • checking and repairing treadmill motors
  • reconditioning strength equipment
  • fixing electronic consoles
  • re-welding broken parts

We Are Experts In Fitness Equipment

  • Combination Of International And Local Know-how
    As a subsidiary of global fitness brand Realleader USA we have access to international fitness trends which we combine with our local knowledge to offer the best to our clients
  • Exhaustive Products Portfolio
    We design and manufacture fitness equipment across all categories including cardio, strength and CrossFit, giving us comprehensive product knowledge.
  • Committed To Customer Satisfaction
    Our continued emphasis on customer satisfaction ensures that our customers receive speedy service.

 Into Wellness – A One-Stop-Shop For Fitness Requirements

Into Wellness is passionate about building a healthier world.

With our products and services, we hope to help fitness enthusiasts see great results from their workouts and reach their goals. Reach out to us today to see how we can meet your servicing needs.