It’s all about experiencing things, together at Into Wellness Experience Center!

Within 6 months of the successful launch of our brand, we’ve now put together a real life experience center for our customers to physically test, try and feel the robust machines under our covers.

The objective of setting up a showroom is to allow the customers to walk-in and experience the machines to their optimum. We seek to send a vibe of quality fitness and wellness to the nation, this is not only addressed to youngsters but individuals of every age as well. Our experience center will help you to understand and distinguish the potential of our biomechanically sound fitness equipment.

The facility is located at Chlorophyll Pancard Club Road, Near Pune-Banglore Highway, Between Baverly Hills and Rohan Seher.

Our experience center is a feeling of strength and motivation in itself. The space is spread over 3800 sq. ft. and is covered in blood pumping and chest-thumping posters speaking out our ideologies and the minds of every fitness freak.

The state-of-art experience center has 49 training monsters and other accessories for you to try out!

They are categorised as Strength Machines, namely:

Nothing can substitute an experience, and especially the ones that get your heart racing.
Into Wellness’s display of all the gym equipment is an eye pleasing and adrenaline rushing show. On the display are, fitness and gym equipment fit for commercial as well as household purposes. You can visit our experience center if you are looking to build a gym facility with best in class gym equipments.

We believe experiences are to be shared, visit us and let us know about yours!

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