Introducing the most unique Training Tyre design for the first time in the Indian Market!

The unique IW Cross Tyre 180 is a result of our intuitive and innovative design thinking principle. Into Wellness’ design experts and engineers have collaboratively explored the untouched benefits and efficiency of the tyre used for various CrossFit training purposes.

We have not only considered the training benefits but also upraised the efficiency for the Industry Entrepreneurs.

The IW Cross Tyre 180 is an innovative fitness training equipment thoughtfully designed to give you the benefits of traditional tyre training and the economical advantage. The functional training equipment is not only competent but also saves space, efforts and money.

  • Training range – 45Kg to 60Kg
  • Battle rope anchor points – 2
  • Sound reducing bumpers – 6
  • Plates per weight post – 2.5Kg to 5Kg
  • Plate loading ability – 15Kg
  • Starting Resistance – 45Kg
  • Floor Resting Points – 8
  • Dimensions – 4×5 feet
  • Weight – 130Kg

The unique design and enduring features of the Cross Tyre 180 makes it a perfect fitness equipment for strength training, be it solo or a group workout session.
With a training range of 55 kg to 70 kg, additional weight handling capacity and multiple usage replaces the need to have multiple tyres or similar gym equipment in your facility.
Its dual battle rope anchor points turns the equipment into a perfect group training equipment with ease. Floor mounts ensures a secure fix position in your workout area saving you space and money!

Our Product Launch at BodyPower Mumbai Expo was a huge a success! The innovative IW Cross Tyre 180 was heavily appreciated and pre-ordered by many!
You can order yours here.
Visit our exhibition center in Baner for a trial of our boastful equipment.

Add Value to your Facility with The Cross Tyre 180.

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