Chest Press-M2-1001

Salient Features :

The Design & Biomechanics of the machine help to Isolate the impact on pectoral muscles.

Convergent pressing motion for effective development of muscle.

Precision bearings for smooth operation.

Independent movement of arms enables chest workout with single hand.

The 90 Kg Weight Stack can be increased by 10 to 15 kg.

3 grub screws for strong attachment of Wire rope to the Weight Stack.

Ergonomically designed, non-slippery & anti-bacterial grips .

The M2 Chest Press Machine enables exercisers to isolate and target the pectoral muscles.

Made from commercial grade steel and other similarly premium materials.

Chest Press Machine Benefits :

Designed to train the pectoral muscles in the chest.

Anatomically correct cam pulley ensures proper muscle resistance is exerted throughout the whole motion.

Independent arms movements allow for several different chest press workouts.

Precision bearings create a fluid movement, making the machine feel easier to use and more enjoyable for beginners.

Chest Press Machine combines angled hand grips with an adjustable seat to create biomechanically accurate movements.

It features independent arm movements which allow for several different chest press workouts.

It’s also possible to customize the height of the seat without leaving the machine.

Our Classic Line machines are ideal for new gym members or inexperienced strength exercisers.

Technical Specifications :
Size:- (LXWXH) 1500x1450x1600mm
Gauge of Pipe:- (LXWXH) 3 mm for the main Frame.
Net weight:-129Kg
Gross Weight:-160Kg
Weight Stack:-200lbs/90Kg

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