Seated Biceps Curl-M2-1010

Salient Features :

Arm pads are angled for stability and unwanted shoulder movement.

Pivots and handgrips are positioned to reduce wrist strain and enhance alignment.

The Biceps Curl has self-aligning handles to accommodate a wide range of forearm lengths.

Benefits :

Designed to train the bicep muscles in the upper arm.

 Anatomically correct cam pulley delivers the ideal level of muscle resistance during the whole motion.

 Multiple hand grip positions on both the curl and extension handles facilitate varied training needs and preferences.

 Lower back support helps to stabilize bicep press action and pre-stretch range adjuster can be used for arm exercises.

 Precision bearings create a fluid movement, so the machine feels easier to use and more enjoyable for beginners.

Technical Specifications :
Size:- (LxWxH) 1200x1020x1600mm
Net weight:-123Kg
Gross Weight:-148Kg
Weight Stack:-120lbs/54Kg

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