Seated Leg Extension-M2-1005

Salient Features :

The Leg Extension Machine targets the major muscle group of the thigh.

Adjustable backrest allows correct knee joint alignment with axis.

Precision bearings for smooth operation.

Easy squeeze handle for backrest adjustment.

Adjustable foot roller for more or less pre-stretch.

Seat handles secure user while isolating thigh muscles.

Anatomically correct cam for proper muscle resistance.

Variable foot roller facilitates more or less pre-stretch positions..

3 grub screws for strong attachment of Wire rope to the Weight Stack.

Ergonomically designed, non-slippery & anti-bacterial grips.

Made from commercial grade steel and other similarly premium materials.

Benefits :

Designed to train the quadriceps – the major muscle group in the thigh.

Anatomically correct cam pulley distributes the ideal muscular resistance level throughout the entire extension motion.

Variable foot roller facilitates more or less pre-stretch positions.

The leg extension is a popular unit that’s easy to adjust for exercisers of all heights and sizes.

Technical Specifications :
Size:- (LxWxH) 1520x1130x1600mm
Net weight:-135Kg
Gross Weight:-162Kg
Weight Stack:-200lbs/90Kg

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