Hip Abductor Adductor-PF-1006

Salient Features :

facilitates two opposing thigh movements in one effective unit.

Exercisers can target the inner or outer thigh muscles, to define and shape their upper leg.

Swivel knee pads for quick inner or outer thigh changeover.

Comfortable, convenient handle grips.

Adjustable start position accommodates individual range of motion preference.

Benefits :

With the simple weight stack platform, this series can avoid visual confusion and save space.

The user will feel comfort with the easy seat pad adjustment and other adjustable system, whch are in accordance with the princile of human engineering and kinesiology.

Both Abduction and adduction in one machine saves floor space.

Technical Specifications :
Size:- (LxWxH) 1300x650x1420mm
Net weight:-136Kg
Gross Weight:-166Kg
Weight Stack:-154lbs/70Kg
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