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Xebex Rower AR1



Damper: universal resistance setting that mimics rowing in water; suitable for everyday athletes

User friendly console: Track HR when connected to a heart rate monitor, among other function

Ergonomic seat: Paddle and contoured for maximum comfort

55” Monorail: Angled for consistently smooth movement

21” High Base: Swift entry and exit

Easy storage and Transport: Features a fold up design and wheels to effortlessly store/transport

Paddle Handle: Slightly angled for a more natural and comfortable grip

One touch footing adjustment: Adjusts quickly for an efficient workout

Product ID: Rower AR1

Spirit CRW 800



Air and Magnetic resistance for smooth and consistent operation

Wireless remote handle controls allow quick changes to resistance

Fold-up frame design for easy storage

Commercial grade handle strap is both smooth and reliable

Solid steel frame with aluminium monorail

Durable stainless steel fan cover

Flex pedals with easy adjust numbered setting

Adjustable console angle and height for the perfect viewing angle

Product ID: Rower AR2