Strength training has been found out to be exceptionally effective for shedding those extra pounds and looking better. It’s almost as important as maintaining a proper diet when it comes to weight loss.

In this article we’ll see how strength training helps weight loss.
1.It helps build lean muscle

Strength training helps build lean muscle. It helps you keep the muscles you already have while you lose weight. It doesn’t make you look starved. Or like a ballet dancer.

Your figure looks great with no extra fat.

Even if you don’t understand the importance of building lean muscle right now, you will quickly realize how beneficial it is for you once you try strength training.

2.The increase in metabolism

Strength training helps boost your metabolism. As compared to aerobic exercise, oxygen-consumption after strength training is much higher. That means more oxygen is needed after a strength training session.

When your body does this to replenish lost energy, your natural metabolism will increase for long periods of time (up to 38 hours, some studies show).

Also, maintaining lean muscle is much more energy-consuming. The spike in metabolism capability is one of the primary factors that fitness experts test to track weight loss goals, and strength training provides a high degree of that.

3.Your body becomes a fat burning machine

People believe strength training doesn’t burn calories or fat. It doesn’t burn as much as cardio, but it’s still very effective. The harder you strength train, the more fat you’ll burn.

“For every three pounds of muscle you gain, you can expect to burn an extra 120 calories a day without moving a single one of those muscles” says Mike Donavanik, a personal trainer, on Women’s Health.

4.Cardio vs strength training

It’s often a good idea to combine the two (along with a good diet, it’s called “cutting up”), but for those of you who can only do one, here’s a rough comparison.

Cardio is still the best way to burn fat. And relieve stress as well. However, strength training gives great results nevertheless.

The main thing about strength training is lean muscle. It helps you develop a well-toned body and make you look attractive. Cardio is good for burning fat fast, while strength training is good for burning fat moderately while developing good muscles.

5.Bonus: you’re stronger!

Having a well-toned body not only makes you look good, but makes you stronger than before as well. Needless to say, this strength comes in handy in many day-to-day situations from picking up heavy weights to pushing your vehicle if it’s stuck.

Not only that, strength training increases bone density as well. There are other benefits also like improved blood pressure, blood flow, and other heart-related benefits.

6.Wrapping up

Strength training boosts your mood. It’s not just about building lean muscle — but providing a good feeling overall. The relaxation and stress busting strength training can provide is quite underrated, frankly.


Just make sure you’re not strength training while you have a disease or a serious injury. Also, strength training just before sleep is not recommended.

Proper warm up before workout and cooling down stretches post strength workout are extremely important to avoid muscle pull.

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