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Tyre flip

Workouts with Tyre flip has been one of top trends of the fitness world in recent years .

A core part of CrossFit sessions, the Tyre flip machine is a simple yet interesting  functional training equipment that helps fitness enthusiasts to level up their workouts. A big reason for its popularity is its ability to combine benefits of strength, cardio, and total body conditioning, all in one workout.

The IW Cross Tyre 180 from Into Wellness is a thoughtfully designed piece of equipment that delivers maximum training gains along with the practical advantages of a compact and safe design.

Robust Tyre Flip Equipment For A Holistic Workout – The IW Cross Tyre 180

The IW Cross Tyre 180 is an outcome of Into Wellness engineers and fitness experts collaborating to develop the optimum tyre flip machine.

With its innovative deign, the IW Cross Tyre 180 incorporates flexible features in terms of resistance levels and plate weights making it idealfor not only beginners but also those more experienced.

The inclusionofbattle rope anchor points makes group training possible, and sturdyfloor anchor bolts ensure a safe experience.

  • Training range – 45Kg to 60Kg
  • Battle rope anchor points – 2
  • Sound reducing bumpers – 6
  • Plates per weight post – 2.5Kg to 5Kg
  • Plate loading ability – 15Kg
  • Starting Resistance – 45Kg
  • Floor Resting Points – 8
  • Dimensions – 4×5 feet
  • Weight – 130Kg

Commercial Gym Equipment For High Impact Fitness Workouts

The tyre flipis a part of Into Wellness’ large range of fitness equipment for CrossFit training.

One of India’s top fitness equipment manufacturers, the company has a comprehensiveportfolio of commercial gym equipment.

Into Wellness offers an in-depth selection of treadmills, Exercise bikes, and steppers for safe
and effective cardio workouts.

We offer 7 distinct equipment series under Strength training each of it
catering to different needs

Our robust Benches & weight racks are well-suited for fitness enthusiasts
looking to build muscle safely

Into Wellness offers customers a choice of accessories including dumbbells , steps ,
and bars that are essential for all gyms.

Our extensive range of CrossFit training products includes rigs, power racks,
attachments like revolver, landmine, battle-rope.

Into Wellness – A Fitness Brand For India

Subsidiary of International Fitness Brand

As a subsidiary of Realleader USA we are able to leverage their decades of experience in the international fitness industry for product development.

Backed By Expert Servicing Support

Into Wellness has set up a dealer and serving network across 12 regions in India. The teams are manned by qualified technicians who handle sales installations and after-sales servicing for our clients.

A Focus On Customer Satisfaction

Our primary focus has always been customer satisfaction. We offer customized solutions for our clients so that they are able to choose the right product. Our after-sales sales personnel emphasize on providing responsive service.

Talk to us today to see how our products can enhance your fitness environment. Our dealers will help assess your requirements and suggest best suited solutions.

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