While women today have become more health conscious and are hitting the nearby gyms, most of them are found doing cardiovascular exercises while totally ignoring weight training. Thanks to the misconceptions that have been prevailing since ages, women tend to shy away from lifting weights. One of such misconceptions is that weight lifting will bulk out women making them look muscular. This is purely a myth. The fact is, women have 20-30 times less of the testosterone that are responsible for muscle stimulation.

If truth be told, weight training has many benefits and will help women achieve their fitness goals faster.

Effective Fat Loss

Many presume that weight lifting is just for getting ripped muscles. However, resistance training proves to be better than cardio training when it comes to losing fat. The key factor here is that you burn fat while exercising as well as after finishing it. Post rigorous weight training, your body consumes excess oxygen which in turn makes you shed more calories and boosts your metabolism rate.

Toned body shape

Cardio exercises help you burn fat but strength training keeps toning your muscles. Although this will not contribute in losing bodyweight, firm muscles give your body a defined shape. This shape can be again maintained through effective weight training.

Strong Bones

Weight training assists in increasing bone density and slows down the process of bone loss. After a certain age, women tend to suffer bone loss leading to osteoporosis. In this condition, the bones become too weak and brittle. Resistance training helps overcome this issue by strengthening the bones and making them resistant to bone loss.

Handles Chronic Health Conditions

A prescribed weight training program can help you handle chronic diseases like back pains, arthritis, obesity, etc. However, in such cases it is sensible to consult a doctor to draft the right training program and carry it out under the surveillance of a personal trainer. Strength training also potentially reduces the risks of heart diseases.

Improves sleep quality

A rigorous strength training workout tends to exert you which in turn improves the quality of your sleep. It helps you in sleeping faster and you will certainly experience a sound sleep. Studies have also shown that women feel more stress free and confident after undergoing a weight training program.

Women should include weight training in their fitness regimen. It will not only benefit their health but will make them feel more confident, stronger, and happier.

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