Sitting at the desks for long hours, staring at the computer screen with hardly any body movement is nothing but an invitation to illnesses. Constant work stress leads to frustration which in turn lowers productivity. Sighting the problems that employees may develop due to lack of exercise, corporate companies are now taking care of their employees by equipping gyms in their offices.

Following are a few perks of having a well-equipped gym in corporate offices.

  • Employees easily find time to exercise and fit everything in their busy schedules
  • Healthy employees perform better leading to an increase in company’s productivity
  • Due to improved health, there is reduction in sick leaves and absenteeism
  • It is an attractive perk for prospective employees, which improves your company’s recruitment and retaining ability
  • It boosts employees’ morale and instills a sense of giving their 100% to the company, seeing that the company is providing themsuch an added advantage

Here are a couple of companies in India that have a fully equipped gym for their employees.

1.Google India

Whatever Google does, doesitright. Google knows how to foster its employees’ productivity. Apart from other perks like flexible work schedule, recreational games and sleep pods, Google also has a fully equipped gym for its workforce. No doubt Google is seen as one of the most desired company to work at. Google employees have gone on a record to say that they never feel like leaving the office.

2.Intel Technology

Intel Technology has a fitness center to keep its employees healthy. It has a state-of-the-art gym that offers latest, high-tech fitness equipment. The gym is on-campus and was opened keeping its employees well-being in focus. The employees have access to advanced training equipment that are used by professional athletes. This has led to overall health improvement of employees and have reduced the health care costs.

3.Infosys Pune

Besides getting to work in a spaceship shaped building, Infosys employees are entitled to many other facilities. Infosys not only has a world-class gym, but also has trained instructors to help their employees get the right workout. Equipped with modern exercise machines that are maintained in top notch conditions, the gym is also well space to occupy many members at a time

Besides the above mentioned companies, a few others with on-site fitness centers are – Bharti Airtel, Adobe India, Cisco, Sintex, Wipro Bangalore, TCS, etc.

Here are a few examples of corporate gyms

employees is a welcomed initiative and is yielding good results. If you are running a corporate organization then you must invest in a corporate gym that is equipped with best exercise machines. It will not only prove to be a good recruitment tool, but also improve overall company productivity. You can approach a gym equipment manufacturing company like Into Wellness that helps in planning and setup of gym and health club facilities in large organizations.

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