Multi Hip-M2-1014

Salient Features :

Great for isolating inner & outer thigh muscles plus glutes.

Handles stabilize upper torso so leg muscles can be isolated.

Unique, patent pending cam height adjustment with pneumatic assist can accommodate all heights of users with finger-tip adjustment.

Roller adjusts in length and rotates 180 degrees for different exercises.

Starting positions are increamental at 15degree intervals through 270 degree of rotation.

Benefits :

Designed to train the major muscle groups of the leg.

Simple-to-follow, instructional placards integrated into the design of each M2 Series machine illustrate proper use and muscles trained.

Adjustable carriages are available for users of varying heights to achieve optimal positioning.

Technical Specifications :
Size:- (LxWxH) 1130x1200x1700mm
Net weight:-130Kg
Gross Weight:-158Kg
Weight Stack:-187lbs/85Kg
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