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Exercise Regularly and Improve Your Mental Health

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We hit the gym, run on the treadmill and pump some iron – all to improve our health and achieve that perfectly ripped body . But have you noticed yourself being more confident while giving a presentation in office or that you are less anxious while driving in traffic? We are sure you are nodding your heads in affirmative. All these positive changes are thanks to the exercises that you are carrying out to get a healthy body. Yes, working out not only rewards you physically but also improves your mental health.

  1. Reduction in stress level

    Exercising regularly is a Stress Buster. By exerting your body and breaking into a sweat you slacken your brain’s response to stress by increasing the concentration of a chemical called norepinephrine in your body. Reduction in stress will help you deal with difficult situations in life and overcome mental tensions better.

  2. Raises self-confidence

    Exercising keeps you healthy and helps create a positive self-image. Working out assists you in getting close to your fitness goals and achieve that perfectly toned body which directly helps in elevating your self-esteem. You carry yourself with much more confidence and feel worthy of yourself.

  3. Relieve anxiety

    When you feel anxious in a certain situation, instead of taking a nap or a warm bath, just break into a run and see the magic happen. You will calm down in no minutes. This is due to the endorphins that are released during and after exercising that pacify you and elevates your mood by evoking happiness and joy.

  4. Stimulates intellect

    Exercising increases your brain activity and helps in the process of decision making, grasping new concepts, and learning multiple things at a time. It improves your mental ability to process things and uplifts your I.Q level. Studies have shown that exercising helps in producing new hippocampal neurogenesis that are nothing new brain cells that uplift your brain functioning capacity.

  5. Keep cognitive decline in check

    Cognitive decline is nothing but the slowing down of processing things or acquiring knowledge which mostly begins after the age of 45. Exercising can help you prevent cognitive decline by stopping the degeneration of hippocampus - the region of brain associated with memory. Boost and sharpen your memory by regularly exercising and to keep your brain working in top condition even during old age.

  6. Boost Productivity

    If you are too bored sitting in your office cabin then take a quick walk or jog. That will tap your brain cells and wake you from your slumber. It will instantly energize you and push you to actively work. It is observed that employees who workout on a regular basis tend to perform better than their counterparts. Exercising refreshes your body and brain which helps you come up with creative ideas.

Now that you know the benefits exercising has on your mental health, why don’t you go break into a quick workout session?

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