Set an alarm, wake up early, read motivational stuff, watch motivational videos, all check, but motivation for getting up and training just doesn’t seem to come my way! Why!?
We’ll tell you why, the first thing you need to learn is to promise yourself to honour your own word. It’s much harder to keep a word with ourselves than others. Respect your word as much as you would expect from anyone else.

Here’s a list of things you could try to bag some motivation and get started:

  1. Involve a friend
    If you are unable to keep yourself motivated to train regularly, involve a regulator. Get a friend to check up on you about your workout schedule. This way you can hold him/her accountable for your motivation and brush off the responsibility.
  2. Treat your workout schedule like an appointment
    Reserve your time as if you had an appointment with someone. For instance, if you add your appointment with a doctor, you make sure you make time for it. You add it to your reminders/calendar and most often make sure you do not miss it. Similarly, treat your fitness training session important and set appointments for your routine.
  3. Trick yourself into it
    Tell yourself, “I’ll just warm up” and the rest shall follow. Once you get the endorphins rushing, we bet you won’t leave the floor until you get the jiggly fat in place. This trick also helps you overcome the first hurdle of “starting off”.
  4. Involve in group workout activities
    Have you seen laughter clubs in the parks? The group does not only teach you to laugh openly, but helps you laugh every day. The energy of the group helps you keep going, and you never want to be the person who quits and leave early. In a group, you look forward to seeing the other participants and the instructor. Joining a fitness group will help you stay regular.
  5. Find a cheerleader
    Find a friend who motivates you to get on your feet and trains with you. A workout buddy is always a catalyst and helps you challenge yourself enough to take your workout to the next level. You can make plans together to train in the way that makes you feel happier and not feel like a mandate for living. For example, arranging a trek or cycling downhill or just a sunday swim, could be anything you’d love to burn calories at.
  6. Make your activity your favorite thing to do
    If you love what you do, you will try harder not to miss it. If you swim, run or ride bicycle for fitness, make it your favorite thing to do, so that you make sure you make time to do it. We often enjoy training if it involves our hobby.
  7. Upgrade your diet
    Diet does not mean to starve on the untasteful cabbage and beans. Include healthy replacements in your daily food and you will naturally get rid of the sluggish feeling that makes you lazy. Food with antioxidants and detoxifying elements will help your body adapt to healthy changes in your lifestyle. Change in food habits will make you feel lighter and make it easier for you to train for a fit body.

Exercise and physical fitness training keeps your mind healthy and your body fit. To sustain a longer and healthier life, it is imperative that we take care of our body, the only place we have to live.
Let us know if you have any tricks and techniques that have motivated you and help others overcome their lifestyle fatigue.

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