As a fitness program, CrossFit has reached cult level status in the past decade. People either swear by it or dismiss it as a hyped up fad.

It can be daunting for the uninitiated to jump into it, so let’s begin with understanding what a CrossFit Gym Setup is.

What is a CrossFit Gym?

CrossFit is a unique structured fitness system that focuses on strength and conditioning. It features high-intensity workout that changes every day.

A CrossFit session is usually held in a CrossFit gym or a “box”. This is the dedicated place where people who sign up meet for the sessions. A CrossFit Gym Setup offers the different equipment needed for the workouts.

Often seen as hard core, CrossFit involves a coach taking people at all levels of fitness through a set of defined workouts that includes strength building exercises, the mandated workout of the day(WOD) and other heavy duty training, all done with a high level of intensity.  

In terms of benefits, a CrossFit workout is said to burn 12.3 calories per minute, along with other benefits like better balance, flexibility, power and stamina. The focus is to become better physically all round and not just stronger or faster.

How does it differ from a Regular Gym?

If you ask CrossFit enthusiasts, a regular gym doesn’t really act like a fitness environment – rather it’s a place that offers equipment without doing anything to actually engage with people who frequent it.

A CrossFit Gym setup is very different :

  1. Structured training program
    The CrossFit coach decides on programming and training plans for the group which varies every single day. You will never know what today’s session will involve, which can makes workouts fun for some. In a regular gym, you create training plans for yourself depending on your goals.
  2. Equipment is minimal
    A typical commercial gym has a Complete Gym setup , with a wide array of machines to ensure that every person visiting the gym finds what they need. But the equipment used in CrossFit is focused on a few important ones like weights or pull up bars, along with some unusual items like medicine balls, climbing ropes, rings, kettlebells used in their structured programs, A multi-function machine is also considered apt for this type f setting.
  3. A sense of community
    One of the defining characteristics of a CrossFit gym is the sense of camaraderie and belonging it can inspire. Classes are held in groups and the atmosphere is kept encouraging, supportive and friendly. For a lot of people, this feeling of community is what keeps them in the program.
  4. All round conditioning
    In a CrossFit gym, people usually do a whole range of workouts targeting multiple goals such as agility, balance, flexibility and conditioning. In a regular gym, you can specialize depending on your specific needs like building endurance.
  5. Hands-on coaching
    CrossFit gyms have a coach who will teach you, guide you and work with you in your fitness journey. In a regular gym, this usually happens only in cases when a personal trainer is available to work with you.

Both types of Gym Setups, CrossFit and Traditional Gyms have their pros and enthusiasts with respective preferences can opt for either for results according to your desired workout choice.

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