While people today are becoming more conscious about getting into shape, not many are aware of their body type. Being ignorant about the body type, one might opt for an incorrect diet plan and a wrong training regime. This can further lead to potential damage. So spare yourself and let a sound mind reside in a sound body.

According to the somatotype model, developed by psychologist William Herbert Sheldon in 1940, there are three body types:

  • Mesomorph – Naturally athletic body
  • Ectomorph – Naturally skinny body
  • Endomorph – Naturally stocky and chubby body
Training and diet for the Mesomorphs

These are the ones that have a naturally athletic appearance. The typical characteristics that a mesomorph possesses are a lean figure, muscular body, broad shoulders and narrow waist. While people with this body type do not find any problem putting on some mass, they can as easily gain fat.

Resistance training should dominate mesomorphs’ training program. This type of training will not only help build muscles but will also maintain them. The exercises included are squats, push-ups, plank, weight-lifting, etc. Mixing up or switching between different forms of exercises will assist in maximizing gain. If one is aiming to gain more mass, then over-training must be totally avoid. On the other hand, if getting leaner and fitter is the aim then increasing training frequency is recommended. Also, cardio is a proper training program should be accompanied with a right diet. Mesomorphs’ diet plan should be balanced between 40% carbohydrates, 30%protein and 30% fat. Since they gain fat easily, mesomorphs should keep a check over their calorie intake.

Training and diet for the Ectomorphs

Ectomorphs are the ‘hard-gainers’ who have a naturally skinny body. They struggle to gain muscle and strength, no matter how hard they try. But with hard work complimented by a proper dietary plan, building that lean physique wouldn’t be a difficult task.

Ectomorphs should train frequently using heavy lifts. Rather than amplifying the volume of workout, one must lift weights in an increasing order. This will significantly impact in gaining strength. Ectomorphs should focus on compound lifts where various muscles are together targeted. These lifts will help build multiple muscles at once unlike isolation exercises where only a single muscle group is targeted.

Ectomorphs have a very high metabolism rate which burns calories too efficiently for anyone’s liking. Eating at regular intervals is important for them. Keeping a track on calories, ectomorphs should consider liquid diet. Shakes could be a great income of calories.

Training and diet for the Endomorphs

Naturally stocky and chubby body defines endomorphs. These are the ones who find it difficult to lose weight. No matter how rigorously they train or stick to a strict diet, losing that fat is like a mountainous task for them.

Unlike ectomorphs, endomorphs should focus on isolation exercises that target single muscle groups. Endomorphs usually suffer due to sluggish metabolism rate. Thus, endomorphs should train more frequently and intensely. This will help in burning more calories which will lead to achieving the leaner appearance. Endomorphs must do 12 or more set of exercises for every body part and target 15 reps per set.

Junk food is a big no-no for endomorphs. They should reduce intake of carbohydrates on a large scale. Making fat as the primary source of calorie income should be their aim.

Wrong type of workout and an incorrect dietary plan will negate all the sweating hard work. Knowing your body type will help you plan the right training program complemented with correct diet. So determine your type of body and reap the maximum benefits from your workout.

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