World class fitness now in India

Into Wellness is a futuristic international fitness brand that continues to deliver on its promise to make available world class gym equipment to the fitness enthusiasts in India in collaboration with the established global fitness brand Realleader USA.

Capitalizing on the presence across 60+ countries and with over 7500 installations under our belt we are confident of fulfilling all your fitness equipment needs to your satisfaction.

In order to constantly fuel the fitness passion of our patrons, Into Wellness has gone all out to establish their very own state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in the industrial hub of Chakan, Pune. This game changing move looks to cater to every individual or company who has a NO COMPROMISE policy with regards to the quality of gym equipment. We furnish top of the line quality with top-notch after sales service to back our undeterred support on your fitness journey.

Why buy when renting (or leasing) gym equipment is an option?

We all like to be fit. Period.

Regardless of whether you are contemplating to start out in the fitness business, looking to upgrade your aging fitness equipment or are in quest of suitable options to extend the collection of equipment at your gym, finding the capital for the professional gym equipment can be the first and extremely challenging question to say the least.

We realize that this cost challenge can be daunting and is primarily the step that makes or breaks the conviction to go forward with your fitness fantasy. Buying the gym equipment that you need is not the only option. Not anymore!

As industry experts and pioneer in the field of leasing gym equipment in India, we have broken down the many facets of hiring instead of buying fitness paraphernalia, in details, for you to further assess if leasing could be the right option for you.

Leasing gym equipment is the new mantra

Leasing is a favourite alternative to outright buying of gym equipment since there are comparatively few, if any, upfront expenses. Hence, it is the most cost-effective way to jumpstart your fitness dream – as an individual or a company.

Access to state-of-the-art equipment

Ultra-modern equipment is made available at affordable leasing rates. This provides easier access to the internationally designed equipment with enhanced aesthetics, durability, reliability and improved biomechanics. Empowers your gym to stay updated with the most recent and revolutionary equipment for your esteemed clients.

Almost no blocked capital

Renting gym equipment helps to overcome most of the drawbacks of outright ownership. The first and foremost being the tied in capital. With leasing, the business owner can uphold the cash within the business and utilize the capital for further growth. Allows you to pay only for the machines over its useful working life and not beyond.

Flexible terms and conditions

With this option, the cost of equipment procurement is spread over a long period of time making it a more viable option for most.

Zero maintenance headache for you

We take care of all the maintenance requirements of the equipment so that you can solely focus on your business goals. Outsource the headache to the fitness experts.

Still confused on which road to tread to fulfil your fitness dream?

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The Into Wellness cutting edge advantage

As frontrunners in shaping the fitness industry in India, Into Wellness has more to offer than modern high precision equipment. We understand the fitness club operations like no other and in turn help you to minimize (or completely avoid) the common – and often costly mistakes!

We partner our customers on their journey to becoming flagbearers of successful fitness destinations. To ensure a world class experience at every partner’s fitness centre, Into Wellness provides the never-heard-before possibility to outsource the complete gym management to the experts who take care of your clients demands to the fullest.

Let the specialists manage your establishment and build your rappot in the fitness industry

Building rapport needs passion and commitment and can become an overwhelming task if it is not your main line of business. Worry not – it is both our passion and 100% centre of our attention. The Into Wellness advantage promises to take care of all the nuances of running the fitness business for you with unparalleled services like,

  • Personalised workout plan for every employee
  • Customised Diet plan for each employee
  • Best-in-class fitness assessment based on the principles of C.H.E.K institute USA
  • Online platform to track diet & share work-outs.
  • Exercise charts & demo videos on gym floor to elaborate different work-outs
  • App-based progress monitoring & reminder systems
  • Scientific process flow to ensure maximum members using gym facility
  • Pictorial work-out instruction cards unique to different fitness levels

We are constantly innovating and bringing world class processes and systems at your doorsteps. We have a vested interest in your success because only when you are successful can we be truly successful.

Therefore, in our opinion, leasing gym equipment is a great choice. Fortuitously, renting gym equipment provides both the hardcore fitness enthusiasts and/or business owners the option to finance the gym fixtures they need without breaking their back or their bank!

We are passionate about health and fitness and want you to be successful at it too!

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