Lat Pull Down-M2-1013

Salient Features :

Diverging path of motion invites a more complete range of movement for optimal training result.

Thigh pad adjust easily to provide stability and comfort.

Its defined path of motion is ideal for circuit training, and the angled seat and handgrips encourage proper exercise position.

Benefits :

Designed to train the major muscle groups of the back, including Latissimus Dorsi, Teres Major, Teres Minor, Trapezius, Rhomboids, Infraspinatus, Serratus Posterior Inferior.

Simple-to-follow, instructional placards integrated into the design of each M2 Series machine illustrate proper use and muscles trained.

Weight selector pin magnetically locks in place and is conveniently connected to the weight stack with a flexible, coated coil to prevent pin loss.

Technical Specifications :
Size:- (LxWxH) 1800x1100x1950mm
Net weight:-124Kg
Gross Weight:-164Kg
Weight Stack:-198lbs/90Kg
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