Abdominal Crunch-M2-1008

Salient Features :

The Abdominal Crunch Machine enables exercisers to isolate their core muscles.

Ergonomic design and biomechanical excellence are combined to make sure the body is correctly positioned throughout the motion.

Anatomically correct cam for proper muscle resistance.

Arm and elbow pads promote great ab crunching action.

Foot rollers lock user in to maximize ab development.

3 grub screws for strong attachment of Wire rope to the Weight Stack.

Ergonomically designed, non-slippery & anti-bacterial grips .

Ergonomically designed, non-slippery & anti-bacterial grips .

Made from commercial grade steel and other similarly premium materials.

Benefits :

Designed to train the core abdominal muscles of the stomach and enable a full abdominal crunching range of motion.

Elbow pads promote the ideal ab crunching movement, which enhances performance and therefore improves overall results.

Technical Specifications :
Size:- (LxWxH) 1200x1200x1600mm
Net weight:-115Kg
Gross Weight:-142Kg
Weight Stack:-150lbs/67.5Kg
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