Most equipment manufacturers are engineering and manufacturing focused, they are the pioneers of innovation, and all of us depend on them for any consumption.
Owing to the internet, the reach of businesses have expanded beyond the physical-geographical reach. End users now can connect to any level of the product selling chain with a click. The usual hierarchy is now shifting as more and more manufacturers are accessible than the past.

Manufacturers of fitness and gym equipment in India are no more dependent or have to confine their market to the wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. Individuals and organizations who are at the bottom of the consumption chain are now open to direct connection with the manufacturers, thanks to the Internet evolution and the continually expanding reach.

Manufacturers also provide these end consumers with a plethora of reasons to directly purchase gym equipment from them-

  1. Price AdvantageOne of the major advantages of purchasing gym equipment direct from manufacturers is the reduced cost, given the absence of multiple profit margins and taxes applied by distribution chain participants, display and marketing cost, as no wholesalers/ distributors/retailers are involved. Since the profit margins are cut, the price of the equipment charged to you is naturally cut down.
  2. Solution that fits perfectManufacturers are experts of their field and involve in continuous R&D. With leading manufacturers, get a fitness equipment that perfectly fits your fitness needs than being held out a pigeonholed solution. Manufacturers have higher knowledge and a better understanding of the equipment, they can also consult you with specialized advice that fit your needs. For e.g: If you are a wanting to purchase gym and fitness equipment for a college or university, you will require keeping in mind the usage, demographics, performance, durability, etc. An expert gym equipment manufacturer can advise you the suitable equipment and help you fit that in your budget.
  3. More productsWith a manufacturer, you will find a larger stock to have access to more equipment than the retailers often due to squeezed spaces or other financial limitations. Manufacturers will be able to provide you with more insights on the equipment than any other outlet since they have personally monitored every stage of the production and understand the biomechanics.
  4. All issues fixed with expertiseManufacturers can be a credible source to trust with every and any information regarding fitness equipment. Although retailers and dealers who sell these equipment understand the products, they simply cannot be the experts. Gym equipment manufacturers can help you with any issue regarding the equipment with expert knowledge since they know the equipment inside out.
  5. Warranties, covers and service upper hand Manufacturers often cover more than 12 months of warranties without any extra cost, unlike other sellers. Retailers often levy heavy service charges and charge extra for part replacements too. Manufacturers also provide insurance covers which are more specific and cost you half of other private insurance providers.
  6. Quick delivery With Manufacturers, you can expect swift delivery of your order, irrespective of the magnitude as it is directly transported from the factory and no middle channels are involved. And as mentioned in the beginning, this also cuts down the delivery cost which in turn reduces the final cost.

The benefits of buying directly from manufacturers are quite clear, profitable and in the favor of the consumers. With expert assistance, lower prices, better deals, warranties, customization, quick delivery, and guaranteed best service, purchasing gym & fitness equipment direct from manufacturers seems like making more sense. Into Wellness is a leading gym equipment manufacturer in India. To get the perfect fit for your requirements, connect with our team today.

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