Fitness is gaining prime importance in people’s everyday lives. However, for many, time and money prove to be a hurdle in achieving their fitness goals. While some don’t find time to go to a gym from their busy schedule, for others, a gym membership may burn a hole in their pocket.

Looking at these problems, a residential fitness club seems to be the solution for such people. In-fact, many people now buy apartments where there is an in-built fitness club for the residents of the society. Residential builders are also seeing this option as a beneficial investment and are using it to attract people.

If you are into building a residential fitness club then here are the essential equipment that must occupy the facility.

Cardio Equipment

1.The Treadmill

Running and walking are everybody’s favorite exercises which gives treadmill the right to occupy some space in your fitness club. Being easy to use, you do not require an instructor to tell you how to use it. Having a treadmill in the house allows you to have your daily miles in just under 10-15 minutes. Time saved, workout done.

2.Spin Bike

Another easy-to-use equipment that should occupy the gym space. An exercise bike actively engages muscles across your body and proves to be an ideal fitness equipment for beginners that can be used without an instructor. A 15 minute ride on a stationary exercise bike proves to be an efficient calorie burning workout.

3.Elliptical Bike

This machine is a multi-tasker. Not only does it target your lower body, but also helps you in working out your upper body. Considered to be a low impacting gym equipment, it works up your joints and back, effectively acting upon the issues you might have in those areas. This is again another convenient and adaptable exercise machine for users.

Strength Equipment


Dumbbells are the most preferred when it comes to strengthening the overall body. Using them you can perform compound exercises that target multiple muscles as well as perform exercises for isolation purpose. It is essential to have a set of dumbbells in the house for those who are focused on building toned muscles.

2.Weight bar and weight plates

Having a weight bar and different weight plates provide you an added advantage. You can fix the weight plates to the barbell according to your weight lifting capacity.Using these, you can perform standard exercises like squats and lunges while building your upper body.

Along with the above mentioned equipment, a residential fitness club may also occupy a rowing machine, shoulder and chest press equipment, and leg curling machine. However, it will be prudent to get instructions from a trainer before using these machines. You can further invest in benches and racks if you have enough space to occupy them. If you are running short on space, then you can equip your gym with a dual station or multi function machine. We will also advise you to include foam rollers, steps, and exercise mats in your fitness club.

A residential fitness club provides you the comfort of working out at any preferable time. So, if joining a gym is too time and money consuming, then you can start building your own gym now.

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