Strength training is the best way to get that lean and ripped chiseled body you always dreamt of. However, you must remember while lifting weights that there is a science behind strength training. Starting the strength training workout by performing an appropriate warm-up session and ending it with a de-loading phase is a must. You cannot just walk into the gym and start lifting weights. As much as using best gym equipment is necessary, using proper technique while working with them is necessary. Lifting weights will definitely change your body and improve your performance. But if done wrong, it may not give you the desired results or even worse, lead to a grievous injury. Focusing on the posture during weight-lifting is crucial for safe and effective strength training.

On entering a gym, following mistakes are observed to be made by many. You can go through them and avoid tripping over the same line:

Not squatting low

Squat lower, squat stronger. Many live in the myth that squatting lower is injurious to the knees. This is entirely false. To build potential strength in your legs, your thighs should be parallel to the ground or even deeper below. Your hip crease should go down below your knees to get your thighs parallel. When you reach the parallel position, the force of the weight lifted will shift to your hips and avoid hurting the knees.

Flaring elbows during bench press

Positioning elbows at a wrong angle while bench pressing will put stress over your shoulders. Flaring elbows will lead to shoulder impingement. Elbows should be tucked properly about 75° at the bottom of your bench press, which will keep your forearms vertical to the floor putting load on the right parts while reducing pressure on the shoulders.

Incorrect neck positions

Bending neck backwards or downwards while deadlifting is a common mistake observed. This strains your neck causing pain and restricting its motion. The neck should be kept close to the chin, forming a double chin to avoid this. The neck should not be kept ‘loose’ while performing any strength training exercise.

Arching or bending back

This mistake is seen being done mostly by beginners. Having an arched back while lifting or putting down weights can hurt your back. You must keep your back straight, not only while lifting weights but during all strength exercises. A neutral spine position will help you perform a lift effectively.

Shrugging shoulders while pulling weight

Pulling weights towards yourself like in a cable row is meant to benefit your upper back. However while doing this, if you shrug your shoulders and pull them upwards, it will strain your muscles around the neck. The shoulders should be maintained in a line to avoid causing any strain.

Not using shoulder blades during dumbbell row

Dumbbell rows are meant to strengthen your backs and improve your shoulder health. But it is a lost cause as many are seen performing the dumbbell row incorrectly. The elbow should not go too far back. Also many dumbbell row by pinning their shoulder blade. The shoulder blade should in fact, move around the rib cage which gives the desired benefit from performing the exercise.

Strength training will definitely help you in achieving a lean body. But a haphazard approach can also lead to injuries and straining of muscles. Along with opting best brand gym equipment, it is important to perform exercises on them with correct technique. Avoid the above mistakes and reap great benefits from a rigorous strength training workout .

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