High intensity, super effective yet fun – it’s no surprise that CrossFit has a fanatic following worldwide.

A Cross fit Gym Setup uses both innovative equipment and innovative exercise routines to bring in variety and excitement to workouts.  

A Unique Approach

CrossFit Training tries to challenge the body in new ways and works to build functional strength and flexibility for the entire body.

An American Council on Exercise® (ACE) backed study has found that CrossFit is as effective as HIIT in improving aerobic fitness and also for burning calories.

Equipment Essential to CrossFit Training

CrossFit program takes a structured approach but varies the actual exercises by each day.

A mix of equipment is typically used during sessions at Commercial gym setups to step up the challenge. Here’s a look some of the tops ones for effective workouts:

  1. A barbell set with bumper platesPart of traditional weightlifting equipment a barbell and supplementary set of bumper plates of necessary weightages are essential for CrossFit gyms.

  2. Pull-Up Bar / Power RackAlso part of the traditional set up, a pull up bar is a must for CrossFit training to do basic exercises like pull-ups and chin-ups. A power rack from a reputed Commercial Gym Equipment Manufacturer includes a pull up bar and allows more key exercises like bench presses.

  3. Jump Rope and/or Battle Rope Battle ropes are functional equipment for high intensity training and full body conditioning. They come in varying lengths, diameters and materials. When anchored they are a simple way to add resistance and build upper body, legs and core.

  4. KettlebellsKettlebells are as effective as dumbbell for ballistic exercises in a Complete Gym setup. Made of cast iron, these come in different weights and allows full body movements like swing, snatch, and clean for strength, flexibility and cardio training

  5. Plyometric BoxYet another functional training equipment is the box. Used for box jumps, step ups and box squats, boxes come in different material like wood, foam, metal and are of different heights as well

  6. Cross TyreA really unconventional functional training device is the cross tyre which bring together strength and explosive power. Although the fad started off with used tyres, Gym Equipment Suppliers have come up with an innovative and well-designed equipment from that combines multiple features like weights, battle rope to bring a space saving yet effective equipment to do exercises like tyre flips or deadlifts.

  7. Medicine Ball / Slam BallExercise using Medicine Balls are a great way to work on coordination, balance, and strength Lunges, push-ups, weighted core exercises like the plank are some of the basic moves using this piece of equipment which is available in varying sizes and weights.

  8. Gymnastic RingsAgain key to CrossFit Gym setups are gymnastic rings which offer scope for challenging bodyweight-based routines with movements like muscle ups, ring dips, ring rows, ring push-ups and ring l-sits. Relatively inexpensive they are available in a range of materials.

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